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Writing extensions

There are currently two example extensions: breath.c and graph.c. The breathing mod implements a Pressure Control Ventilator with programmable pressure and respiration rate. The graphing mod adds a strip chart for the current commanded pressure and the actual output pressure.

This is similar to Magic Lantern, since we use the existing vendor firmware as a library with functions at fixed addresses and fit into the empty space around the flash image. The Ghidra XML file can be converted into the stubs.S that provides labels at the fixed locations.

More documentation needs to be written.

Ghidra files.

Data structures.

Configuration and variables.

GUI library is based on the closed source emwin, although the reference manual is available and can be used to derive the headers and structures required to interface with the library.

GPIO library is the STM32 Standard Peripheral Library.

There is a hard-float unit in the CPU, but some float/double ops seem to cause a fault. Be sure that all of your constants have an explicit float type like 0.1f, otherwise gcc will use doubles.

Last update: April 14, 2020