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Airsense S10 Hardware

This page aggregates hardware details about the Airsense S10 electronics and other information that may be relevant to the reverse engineering process.

FCC Filings

One crucial reverse engineering resource is the FCC documentation for the AirSense S10, which includes external and internal schematics and user manuals.

The FCC filings for the AirCurve BiPAP, currently in use as an emergency ventilator, shows very similar electronics.

Clinical Manuals

Clinical manuals for the assisted-breathing devices from this manufacturer provide a great deal of insight into the various models in the AirSet and AirCurve lines, as well as the ventilation features available in each one. Many of the menu options restricted to other models can be enabled by flipping configuration bits in the firmware.


Here are some of the components on the AirSense S10

Main PCB

Part Part No. Manufacturer Reference Additional
Main uC STM32F405ZGT6 (LQFP144) STMicroelectronics Datasheet Reference Manual
Aux uC STM8S005 (TQFP48) STMicroelectronics Datasheet Reference Manual
Power watchdog IC POWR605 Lattice Datasheet Monitors pressures - see notes below
Main Pressure Sensor NPA-300M-015A Amphenol Datasheet Operates in analog mode
Differential Pressure Sensor SDP8xx Sensirion Datasheet Digital mode, manifold mount
Programming Header TC2050-IDC Tag-Connect LLC DigiKey
Motor Driver DRV8302 Texas Instruments DigiKey
Serial EEPROM M95M02 STMicroelectronics Datasheet
LCD TM024HDZ29 Tianma Similar datasheets Closest we could find
Relay Driver A2550 Allegro Datasheet Function unknown; accessory?
Logic Voltage Regulator (x2) ISL9000A Renesas Datasheet Generates 3.3v and 5v logic voltages
Top Switch B3F-3125 Omrom Digikey In case switch needs to be replaced (confirmed exact fit)

Cellular Module & Antenna (CAM) Board

Part Part No. Manufacturer Reference Additional
Main uC R5F5210ABDFP Renesas Datasheet LFQFP 100-pin
CDMA Radio Module ce910-dual Telit Datasheet qualcomm qsc1105 chipset
3G Radio Module HE910-D Telit Datasheet Uknown chipset- FCC photos obscured
4G Radio Module cinterion els61-us Gemalto Datasheet Cat 1 LTE w/ 2G/3G fallback

Alarm Board (Only A10STACD, A10STA3G, AIR104G)

Part Part No. Manufacturer Reference Additional
Main uC R5F21358CNFP Renesas Datasheet Avnet

Power Watchdog

The power watchdog IC (POWR605) is a complicated power watch-dog IC. More than just a basic device, it contains:

  • 6 DC power monitoring inputs.
  • 16 macrocell PLD logic.
  • 4 timers.

The 6 inputs have programmable thresholds (despite what the datasheet implies about fixed).

This device is important as appears to be used as a "safety" on pressure sensors. If pressures are too far out-of-spec it will reset the main STM32F407ZG microcontroller. More reverse engineering is needed to understand the exact connection here.

The POWR605 logic should be reprogrammable via the tag-connect header. The following works (but may not be easiest/lowest-cost):

  • "Lattice Diamond" programming software.
  • Programming Cable supported by above (such as HW-USBN-2B).
  • Lattice "PAC-Designer" software.

To read the device, ensure you configure the Lattice Diamond SW to perform a "JEDEC Readback" - the default operation is erase/program/verify. This will then generate a .jed file.

From PAC-Designer, create a new project with the POWR605. You can then use the Import option to open the .jed to see configuration.

Last update: April 28, 2020