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Useful Test Points

The Airsense S10 mainboard is covered in test points. Here are some that may be of interest.

Pin Description
STM32_3V3 Core voltage for main uC.
GND Ground.
SWDIO Used to program and debug main uC.
SWCLK Used to program and debug main uC.
SWO Could potentially be used to get further debug output from main uC (TBD).
STM32_NRST Reset pin for main uC.
PSENSOR Scope this to get an analog pressure readout without external equipment.
STM8_UART UART_TX from STM8 aux uC to main uC
STM8_3V3 Core voltage for aux uC
STM8_SWIM Single-wire programming and debug pin for aux uC

Photo of test points on the Airsense PCB

Last update: April 15, 2020